The changing style of Jessica Alba in 30 outfits!



Than those who do not admire the style of Jessica Alba raise their hands! Anyone ? This is normal, the actress is a priestess of style as we did little in Hollywood. Ambitious in its looks, she knows what clothes correspond to its morphology and knows grant colors and patterns. Cosmo tells you to change style of Jessica Alba in 30 outfits.

Photo : Jessica Alba Wearing Prom Dress

Jessica Alba, actress and entrepreneur, has captivated the fashion world by appearing on the most prestigious red carpets.

Experienced fashionista, she demonstrated originality without ever overdoing it.

Bright colors, metallic pieces, mix of reasons …
His ambitious looks admired fashion fans worldwide.

Discover the pictures of Jessica Alba style evolution in 30 outfits.

Jessica Alba complicated debut

Early in his career, at the time when she played the lead role of “Dark Angel” series and the dance movie “Honey” Jessica Alba was still struggling on red carpets.
Maybe blame the fashion of the time, she chained fashion faux pas.

Jeans was the key piece of his wardrobe, and she knew perfectly choose the cut of his jeans as morphology.
The problem was the parts with which it gave her pants.

She was mixing his jeans bootcut with all sauces: white tunic with a way beach caftan in total blue look with a transparent top arriving at his navel, or extra low waist with a sweater of questionable shape.

When the opportunity arose, she tried the most chic outfits, mostly evening gowns, but the test is not always conclusive.
Witness the white tulle skirt, black silk camisole and salsa dancer sandals she wore to a premiere in 2005.

Jessica Alba: a style that says

After several years of stylistic infancy, she begins to find the style that fits him and was noticed by the fashion world.

Forgotten jeans on red carpet.
Jessica matures, and it shows in his looks.

To go to social gatherings, she opts for little black dresses, glamorous dresses or asymmetrical.

The fashion world opens her arms, and we start to see the front rows of fashion shows Fashion Week’s most prestigious.

Jessica Alba: it stands out as a model of style

A new career opens to her in 2012 when she created her company’s household products and green baby products: The Honest Company.
Always actress, businesswoman but she never fault when it comes to choosing her outfits, and all follies are possible.

Legend says that the reasons do not mix, no matter for Jessica Alba, expert in “mix and match”. She does not hesitate to wear a plaid shirt with a leopard print bag.

She always brings a little pop touch to his looks daring neon and metallic colors.
Their favorite colors on the red carpet? Yellow and silver.

Bold, she also knows how to create a casual-chic look perfect: a leather pencil skirt Kenzo it places a sweatshirt, and a necklace to give character to the whole.

In the life of every day, to get to the office or to go shopping with her daughters, they features worthy looks from Sex & The City.

Growing up, Jessica Alba began a perfect stylistic evolution, by sobering while keeping the originality that characterizes it. We say congratulations!

The wardrobe of Margaret Thatcher puts embarrass the V & A museum



The London institution refused to buy clothes and personal items belonging to the former Prime Minister who will be dispersed at auction in December. Conservatives but also the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood do not include the choice of the museum.

Two years after his death, the ghost of Margaret Thatcher haunts the venerable Victoria and Albert Museum. The London institution devoted to decorative arts, fashion and design is in the crosshairs of conservatives and several personalities since she refused to purchase clothes and items that belonged to the former British prime minister, died in April 2013 at the age of 87.

The establishment believes that “these elements of political history of Britain would be more appropriately presented in another collection that would focus on their historical and social value.” The V & A recall earlier this week that its policy “regarding collections is to focus on the acquisition of parts to the aesthetic quality or exceptional know-how.”

Among the 350 most iconic batches the famous red leather suitcase containing confidential documents premiers, estimated at between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds (4,200 and 7,000 euros), signed copies of some of his key speeches as well as clothing which her wedding dress, many of his famous handbags and jewelry, including a necklace beautiful Chaumet emeralds and diamonds.
“Margaret Thatcher was the best dressed woman of her time”

The property of the muse of the Tories will now be dispersed at auction on 3 and 16 December. The prospect that they can land in the hands of foreign collectors, such as during a first sale in 2012, has boosted many figures of the Conservative party. “What a pity that the V & A declined this proposal, I would have loved to admire this collection,” lamented on Twitter Secretary of State for Trade Sajid Yawid. “Lady Thatcher took great care of his clothes and his choices were promoting the expertise of the English mode. I will be delighted to help an institution to explain the “added his colleague to culture, and former parliamentary attaché Margaret Thatcher.

The London Mayor Boris Johnson has it held that the effects of Margaret Thatcher would have quite a place in the new building of the V & A which is constructed in the east of the capital Startford. Even personalities that can hardly be suspected of Tory sympathies were moved out of the clothes of the former tenant of Downing Street. “Margaret Thatcher was the best dressed woman of her time. She had a good taste and it would welcome this being shown at the V & A, “said the designer Vivienne Westwood.

Faced with this deluge of reactions, the V & A wanted to dot the “i”, the refusal is not recent. “We have been approached in the last few years, about a Thatcher collection. No formal offer had been made and the issue had never been addressed in high places with managers or directors of the museum, “objected Tuesday night the institution. And outline a mea culpa: “If we were asked the question today, we could go in another direction. We appreciate any discussion of how we present exhibitions “.

DIY: How to make her jewelry box?



You remember that night when you were late to dinner and wanted MUST wear your blue collar, and then you spent the next 35 minutes sitting on your couch to unravel the famous blue collar a pair of earrings earrings and a bracelet. Never again! Follow our DIY to learn to do a pretty box in minutes, stay organized and on time from your dinners.

The bosses boxes pdf download here
A cutter4 sheets A3 Canson 200g / m2
An extra strong glue tube
Bomb glue
A beautiful ribbon

Print the boss boxes on A3 sheets.
Bombez your Canson paper and paste over your 4 sheets A3 just the printer outputs.

Cut the round of four bosses.

Always with your cutter, then mark “gently” the edges where you will bend the boss.

Depending on your ribbon, make a slit in the middle of the lid of the box, and tie it inside.

Stick with extra-strong glue the tabs together.

Cristina Cordula sign a capsule collection Tati for Christmas


Cristina Cordula, the queen of shopping offers us a capsule collection Tati for Christmas. The objects are in his image, chic, glamorous and obviously magnifaïques. On this occasion, it us it gives us all her secrets to successful Christmas table.

One thing is certain, for Cristina Cordula, Christmas is a wonderful celebration is chic, we meet with the family, and just for that, you have to be on his 31. Everything must be elegant and glamor: from the table, through fir and guests. For table decor, she advises us to choose a beautiful linen tablecloth, pretty towels, “But above all, no paper towels darling! “. She recommends we add flowers, sprinkle a little bunches table, and especially to work with lots of light candles to be placed on the table and around the house to create a bright countryside atmosphere. Cristina likes the decor, it also much china. She confesses: “The decoration, tableware j’adooore it all !!! I China, I go to the flea market, I look for items, table service, I am a true passionate tableware! ”

Also seen in his collection for Tati (which must await its release in stores November 25, 2015), for which she developed a collection of black or white plates with gold edging, like champagne flutes also enhanced with a touch of gold. It is far from traditional codes of Christmas red and green, the little elves fir trees and Santa Claus. Here the style is black, white and gold with a touch of red for color. For the decoration of the Christmas tree, there are balls with codes borrowed from the world of fashion: black or red, they are embellished with studs and gold chains. Listed furniture, red chairs, black or leopard prints cotoient a simple and chic stool. Another stroke of heart: the collection of jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links or earrings. Biensur, All this at very low prices!

In summary, Glam Christmas should be, and even more: Golden Glam, elegant chic glamor and sexy !! So, have you understood my dear ???

Emilia Clarke: Khaleesi follows the Rose des Vents for Dior


The Games of Thrones actress is the new face jewelery

It took five seasons of the excellent series Games of Thrones for Dior decides to seek the diaphanous heroine Emilia Clarke embodies the new collection from Dior Jewelry, Rose des Vents.

Photo: Fashion NeckLace

So that Emilia Clarke fills the screen in Khaleesi solar and inaccessible, Dior erects dark and romantic muse of its new jewelery campaign. For the collection Rose of the Winds, the interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen strikes a pose for the camera portrait of Patrick Demarchelier. A first for the actress who finds this collaboration with a new role at the height of its success.

In a minimalist décor, a nod to the minimalist universe driven by the designer Raf Simons – party to focus on other personal projects -, Emilia Clarke, hair flying, imposes a young fresh and modern girl in timeless beauty. Revealing on his open white shirt or sweater navy turtleneck, the jumpers and necklaces Rose des Vents in yellow gold, pink gold, white pearl and pink opal, diamonds. “Wind Rose is also a metaphor of creation, entrusted the designer Victoire de Castellane. To create is to look, turned around, and then find his cardinal landmark and go on a trip. Creation is the imprint of a stationary journey. ”

A stationary journey for which one willingly follows the new face of Dior Joaillerie: Emilia Clarke, the crude diamond of the 7th art.

TideBoxes: unique jewelry to your image


Are you rather glamorous, rock or romantic? Whatever your style, there is necessarily a jewel that suits you. Yet supply store is often too limited, and that the web too broad. To choose between a default accessory or lost on the canvas, you gave up looking for the perfect gem. Not so fast ! The solution surely is on Tideboxes, a website bringing together the work of several designers. Different artists, different styles but the same course of action: all jewelry are quality and unique. Here, the banality is prohibited. You will finally be able to stand out from others, wear what you like, not what you dictate fashion trends. Throughout the year you can renew your range without feeling guilty since the products are suitable for all budgets. There is no harm in getting small gifts from time to time, right?

Speaking of gifts … Christmas decorations in the streets remind you of a painful duty. But this year, you will be able to buy beautiful pieces for your friend or your daughter nestled in your sofa.

Order eyes closed, make checks the quality of each product. She carefully selects before designers offer their jewelery and ensures that sent each creation is consistent with the description. No risk of ending up with a product in pieces, as is sometimes the case on the web.

To find the gem that really suits you, go to their website: Tide Boxes

Rings with bling chains back on male attire, in seven steps.



From left to right, ring and metal ring, Gucci. Sterling silver and onyx, Thomas Sabo. Double ring “picture” plated silver, sold with a white pencil, Delphine Charlotte Parmentier,. Silver Ring, Thomas Sabo. Antique silver ring, Gucci. Metal ring plunged silver and leather, Uno 50. Metal ring, Uno 50. Ring “dead head,” Marc Deloche. Metal ring and Swarovski, Gucci. Bronze ring, Annelise Michelson. Blouse Chiffon, Gucci. Jeans,

1 From Cro-Magnon to Henri IV
Including through the pharaohs, men have always worn jewelry. Shell necklaces, bone ornaments during Prehistory. Clasps decorated with stone, brooches do you want here in the Middle Ages. When the Renaissance, men wear earrings, rings and necklaces.

2 Symbol
The jewel in men is not an accessory. Symbol of power, wealth, or religious group as the episcopal rings worn by bishops, it is also “a sign of belonging to a group,” according to Delphine Lesbros, art historian and Jewellery and doctoral student at the EHESS (School of Advanced Social Science Studies). During the Revolution, it displays his political ideas by wearing rings with lilies. Some Companions of the Tour de France wear the “joint”, a gold buckle ear as farriers who wear rings with horseshoe.

3 A margin

If alliances, signet and religious medals remain, from the nineteenth century, the masculine jewelry will gradually be abandoned to become a marginal attribute. As bikers coarse bagouzes “skull” or rappers and cluster bling necklaces.

4 Comeback

“For ten years, we see a return of the men jewel” says Richard Martin, artistic director of the international trade fair of jewelry, Bijorhca Paris. Number of brands have released the male jewel of the rut. Whether in the luxury Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier or Van Dinh or creators as Ursul, The Gram, or Miansai Marc Deloche offering male or mixed models.

5 The Market

“It is still niche but with increasing demand,” says Alexis Thery of Ursul brand. At Marc Deloche, men represent 15% of the share of sales. If they use less jewelry than women, “young active, urban and fashion-conscious” dare now to overcome their age-old watch.

6 Set

Bracelets, rings and few channels, are prized. “In the panoply of man a little more chic, there are also cufflinks and tie clips,” said Richard Martin.

7 Sobriety

Level materials, the leather, silver and steel that hold a candle. In shades of black, brown, anthracite gray. Some dark stones such as onyx, but above all, no gloss. No frills simplicity and elegance

A beautiful fashion show


Recently, in a room on the ground floor of the Town Hall of Pontacq, held a fashion brand Elora show, ready-to-wear direct selling mode. Elora is a fashion which wants stylish but wearable, trendy, but original. The brand has built its reputation by using beautiful materials. It is expanding, especially on the North American continent. By inventing the concept of fashion in home sales in France, Elora initiated a real movement in the world of direct selling mode. With its numerous fashion consultants throughout France, Elora has diversified and renew itself to become now inevitable and remain the benchmark.

At Pontacq, this event has received the support of the Bijoustyle shop, located in Soumoulou, that of Margaux André beautician who, with the participation of students of the school of esthetics of Bizanos, a makeup models. The beautician has created his divine autoentreprise Beauty and moves around Pontacq. Also participated in this fashion show photographer Hélène Duhieu and volunteers mannequins. This parade, followed by an admiring public, took place in two stages with music: in the first part, the audience could applaud the models wearing clothes and jewelery and, in the second part, women’s clothing. The organizers thanked the local businesses for their participation and assistance.

These fashionistas binoculars panic Instagram


A 4-year-old Bella and Chloe are already stars. These little twins have nearly 20,000 followers on the social network Instagram and their reputation is just beginning. Even Kim Kardashian told them they were adorable, which is a little viral impact of these two mini-fashionistas.

.. They are the daughters of a former reporter and producer of American television, Lucy Abir.

Their “success” date of one of their birthdays … On the invitation of the feast their mother had decided to dress the way “Breakfast at Tiffanys'”. During the photo shoot, done on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, many people stopped to take pictures. The idea of ​​an Instagram account named “The Royal Twins” came from there.

Their disguise Chanel bag for Halloween was broadcast by many personalities of fashion. What type in the eye of Karl Lagerfeld. One, Chloe, is fan of colors and eccentric clothes and the other, Bella, like neutral tones and classic outfits. No doubt these two have a future in the fabulous world of fashion …

Treasures and talismans. Rings Collection Griffin


Each ring contains a message. It is a jewel, a mark of distinction, a habit, a work of art and beauty to wear and display.

From this axiom did the precious exhibition the Met Museum in New York, can be visited until October 18 in the cloister.

Rare creations of a period that runs from ancient times, through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in a small and delicate display thickness with very high historical anecdotes and stories that never cease to fascinate viewers.

A look humanist and aesthetic in an age that has best been able to combine aesthetic value, valuable and meaningful in the rings of power, and religious marriage.

With “Treasures and Talisman. Rings from the Griffin Collection “at the Metropolitan Museum of Art presents more than 60 valuable evidence (all purchased by a private collector) made mostly in Europe.

Each ring contains a world of techniques, materials and stories that represent a universe of great value and timeless charm.

Among the most beautiful examples of this rare and priceless collection:

Diamond ring natural

Gold from the Roman period, dating from the third, fourth century AD the ring is topped by a diamond used in its natural form had not yet been invented cutting techniques. It is an interesting example of his time, showing a double aspect. The first linked to the appreciation of the precious stone whose provenance was only Indian origin, the second is the clear testimony of the great and widespread trafficking of trade undertaken by the Romans.

Ring with aquamarine

Dating from the twelfth-thirteenth century, the gold ring was most likely produced in the Byzantine area and is very important for the demonstrated willingness to point out the large cushion-cut aquamarine, whose important bezel is further enriched with small pearls and gold workings granulated.

Engraved ring with sapphire
Dating back to the fourteenth century, this beautiful ring invoice Italian, holds a sapphire Persian (probably dated to the tenth century) engraved a name in Arabic ‘Abd as-Salam ibn Ahmad. ” This is an example of how there were in the Middle Ages trade very important, historically and geographically, and reuse of antiquarian material, in this case more appreciated for its preciousness. The gold mount, extremely rich, he went inside the beautiful inscription in medieval characters “For the love that I was made to love and be worn”.

Ring Skull
From England (seventeenth century) in gold with diamonds, this ring is the ostentation of the admonition “memento mori”. The micro-sculpture that opens contains within it a ruby, a clear message and clear: The love that triumphs over death.


A beautiful reproduction of the cartel nuptial, with two clasped hands to show the pact signed. All this gold ring is of English origin and likely dates back to the sixteenth century.

Ring Homonoea

A splendid example of late Roman art, dating from the third and fourth centuries. Gold all finely perforated (with inscriptions and friezes) encloses an important center stone engraved.
This small exhibition features masterpieces precious aura eternal symbols not only beauty but also prodigious examples of a high level of craftsmanship that enclose all the great skill achieved by goldsmiths in one of the most flourishing in the European jewelery. A great and good example can be taken into account in future and current collections.