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Do you want to know the most elegant women in history? Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, we present all the icons of timeless style!

You know all the most elegant women in history? Some female characters represent the true icons of timeless style. They enchanted with their grace and beauty, or have imposed on the world scene thanks to the purposeful stance and resolute, even to revolutionize the canons valid until then, in fields such as fashion. Let’s see what are the most elegant women in history.

When one thinks of the style icons, the thoughts fly immediately to some famous people, fashion for women celebrated even now as the ideals of feminine beauty and class. We can only go by Gabrielle Chanel, known as Coco, the designer of the irreverent ‘900 that introduced the first clothes for working women and independent. She go the credit for having invented female trousers and tweed suit. The sheath dress, this one of his creations, is inextricably linked to another timeless style icon Audrey Hepburn. How can we forget in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? We remember all wrapped in her little black dress with pearl necklace around his neck.
He was also extremely elegant Grace Kelly, actress and wife of Rainier of Monaco, indelible in the memory, wrapped in her beautiful wedding dress in lace. She is inspired by the Kelly Bag by Hermès, the most beautiful it bag of the house. Designed initially as a saddlebag for hunting, it was revised and reduced in size, turning into an elegant model walking until the new princess is not used to disguise the pregnancy. Since then, he took the name of the actress.

Muse of Gucci, however, was Jackeline Kennedy, widow of President John F. Kennedy, which is dedicated to the Jackie O, the famous bag among the models must-have brand.
Taking a step back into the past, we find lots of icons of style and elegance. One of them is Diane de Poitiers, who lived in the sixteenth century, Countess of Saint-Vallier and Duchess of Valentinois, mistress of Henry II of France. According to legend, on his breast, he considered the most beautiful of the time, has been shaped glass of champagne. Jeanne Antoinette de Pompadour, however, would be the first to wear the ancestors of heels. Beautiful and passionate about fashion, even then Empress Elizabeth of Austria Sissi loved to wear clothes designed the tailor Worth, which elaborated embroideries always new to adorn his fashion clothes.

If you want to know all the most elegant women in history, do not miss our photo gallery! Which you prefer?