Krystel Chambon, former product manager at Cacharel created Downwind, its brand Tote boat in 2006. A year later, she opened her first boutique on the island of Embiez, Bendor then. Quickly, she met other creative fashion, accessories and decoration and she imagined “The South talents”, a company that brings together 20 creative and today she is the founder and head of development.

“To be part of the South Talents explains Krystel Chambon, we must manufacture its products in France, to be registered with the chamber of trade and want to develop a true brand.” So, join the creative skills and have available to them a corner to sell their brand in South Talents shops. The products have a strong identity and sales areas are places of pleasant exchanges and stage designs where customers can share ideas, order of “the measure” … and live a great shopping experience.

“We also propose to the creators of coaching adds Krystel Chambon. Recently we worked for six months with Anne-Gaëlle Molac to teach him to build his collection of children’s clothing Awa + Koala.” Today, the company is expanding. After Marseille Street Fashion, La Ciotat Place Sadi Carnot, Bendor and Embiez, Sanary shop will open on 17 November. A new workshop will be installed soon in the heart of Aubagne, there will be a large area where Krystel Chambon will manufacture its famous boat canvas bags and where the creator of the brand “The hidden beauty of things” dishing its latest cheap jewelry creations imagined from chip elements. Guests will also find collections shifted the seasons, prototypes, one-shot … And in September 2016, South Talents inaugurate a brand new space-Store in Toulon in the street of the art and fashion…

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“A priority, the products made in France!”

But this week, the Caccarellijewels jewelry, ready-to-wear Blue bindweed or Lilly Fox, Olive Archer accessories, bags Leeward … Seven South Talents brands that already offer a very successful line and are able to meet production requirements, are in Paris at the Porte de Versailles every weekend to participate in the 4th edition of MIF, now unavoidable fair for products Made in France.

“We are part of the fledgling federation Made in France created last August, said the official, and the show will be a great opportunity to meet with consumers, share issues with other companies, imagine networks, new points sales and open up to Lyon, Paris and why not export! ”

Making Made in France is a most compelling for foreign customers but like the Bio or manufacturing from recycled products, it becomes French for a guarantee of quality and a commitment to support the national economy. “Our brands are now able to create two collections a year, adds Krystel Chambon, it’s time to invest, to organize ourselves and move on to the next level …” A dynamic that makes fun!