Your wardrobe is overflowing? That which never yielded to a compulsive shopping cracking raises his hand! But now we will have to organize everything … To combine business with pleasure, Pinterest inspires us again with his wealth of ideas and Special tricks storage of accessories!

And this is not Marie Kondo, leader of the organi-zen trend that will contradict us.

The trouble with being a serial shopper not repented (it is a bit our fault, we will not throw you the stone) is that accumulates in less time than it takes to unsheathe his CB, and soon our dressing implodes.

Clothes wisely folded or placed on hangers in the closet, it still happens just about manage. But the accessories, it is another matter …
Your shoes are aligned in single wire to the wall? You no longer use your necklaces, all tangled and thrown in a drawer? Your doorknob threat to yield under the weight of all your handbags? You cram your scarves on a chair? Your hats are crushed at the bottom of a closet?

Friends fashionistas organizational wrong, this is for you!
Pinterest is full of storage-related inspiration, and writing it has selected the Top “special accessories” ideas. Between DIY, tricks and common sense, everything you need for a convenient and clean dressing. And if in addition it is beautiful … The fashion accessory, new decorative object?

Roll up your sleeves, you dream wardrobe!

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