Because we love the collectibles, find all models of the moment shopper without moderation! Our selection tends to € 17.

Yet another maxi tote bag or purse for this winter, you feel like? Because yes, you have dozens at home but nothing gives greater pleasure than to adopt a new kid, is not it? If you had this nice navy blue bag that you do not spend more than you, you have said in his bucket color version? And what about the new colors of the season such as burgundy and his cousin marsala or other grazing of the moment passed?

It is believed the be all, but between the handbags and us is a never ending story …

While it is sometimes difficult to capture a trend in ready-to-wear, nothing more evident in small touches with accessories and there, handbags become our allies! The leopard example; plus dress shoes and heavy coats, he captured many of this season it bags to mix with the more classic outfit it for full effect. Ditto for flashy colors: monochrome yellow, green or bicolor or tricolor versions Patchwork: go for it, nothing like to raise a look in a jiffy.

And besides this fall, originality and imagination, we say big yes: you can quite afford a lovely bag of cat head or chopping with small nails style, folk or rock fringes according to envy, or a knit pattern … It is even totally recommended!

Side forms, bucket bags and purse were particularly dimension: navy, black, camel remain indispensable that you will not regret to have in your wardrobe, but also consider any graphical model that combines chic modernity.
Small bags also multiply and decline at infinity: versions crocodile, python, ostrich, chain with handle or carry bag so they remain as practical classes to follow you to the end of the night.

And if you’re more of throughout your home-away in your bag, with the pacifier and baby blanket, cap on maxis bag to accompany you everywhere from the office to all your many and varied trips.

Each woman bag: you find yours in our selection of handbags trend for all styles and budgets!