The London institution refused to buy clothes and personal items belonging to the former Prime Minister who will be dispersed at auction in December. Conservatives but also the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood do not include the choice of the museum.

Two years after his death, the ghost of Margaret Thatcher haunts the venerable Victoria and Albert Museum. The London institution devoted to decorative arts, fashion and design is in the crosshairs of conservatives and several personalities since she refused to purchase clothes and items that belonged to the former British prime minister, died in April 2013 at the age of 87.

The establishment believes that “these elements of political history of Britain would be more appropriately presented in another collection that would focus on their historical and social value.” The V & A recall earlier this week that its policy “regarding collections is to focus on the acquisition of parts to the aesthetic quality or exceptional know-how.”

Among the 350 most iconic batches the famous red leather suitcase containing confidential documents premiers, estimated at between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds (4,200 and 7,000 euros), signed copies of some of his key speeches as well as clothing which her wedding dress, many of his famous handbags and jewelry, including a necklace beautiful Chaumet emeralds and diamonds.
“Margaret Thatcher was the best dressed woman of her time”

The property of the muse of the Tories will now be dispersed at auction on 3 and 16 December. The prospect that they can land in the hands of foreign collectors, such as during a first sale in 2012, has boosted many figures of the Conservative party. “What a pity that the V & A declined this proposal, I would have loved to admire this collection,” lamented on Twitter Secretary of State for Trade Sajid Yawid. “Lady Thatcher took great care of his clothes and his choices were promoting the expertise of the English mode. I will be delighted to help an institution to explain the “added his colleague to culture, and former parliamentary attachĂ© Margaret Thatcher.

The London Mayor Boris Johnson has it held that the effects of Margaret Thatcher would have quite a place in the new building of the V & A which is constructed in the east of the capital Startford. Even personalities that can hardly be suspected of Tory sympathies were moved out of the clothes of the former tenant of Downing Street. “Margaret Thatcher was the best dressed woman of her time. She had a good taste and it would welcome this being shown at the V & A, “said the designer Vivienne Westwood.

Faced with this deluge of reactions, the V & A wanted to dot the “i”, the refusal is not recent. “We have been approached in the last few years, about a Thatcher collection. No formal offer had been made and the issue had never been addressed in high places with managers or directors of the museum, “objected Tuesday night the institution. And outline a mea culpa: “If we were asked the question today, we could go in another direction. We appreciate any discussion of how we present exhibitions “.