Than those who do not admire the style of Jessica Alba raise their hands! Anyone ? This is normal, the actress is a priestess of style as we did little in Hollywood. Ambitious in its looks, she knows what clothes correspond to its morphology and knows grant colors and patterns. Cosmo tells you to change style of Jessica Alba in 30 outfits.

Photo : Jessica Alba Wearing Prom Dress

Jessica Alba, actress and entrepreneur, has captivated the fashion world by appearing on the most prestigious red carpets.

Experienced fashionista, she demonstrated originality without ever overdoing it.

Bright colors, metallic pieces, mix of reasons …
His ambitious looks admired fashion fans worldwide.

Discover the pictures of Jessica Alba style evolution in 30 outfits.

Jessica Alba complicated debut

Early in his career, at the time when she played the lead role of “Dark Angel” series and the dance movie “Honey” Jessica Alba was still struggling on red carpets.
Maybe blame the fashion of the time, she chained fashion faux pas.

Jeans was the key piece of his wardrobe, and she knew perfectly choose the cut of his jeans as morphology.
The problem was the parts with which it gave her pants.

She was mixing his jeans bootcut with all sauces: white tunic with a way beach caftan in total blue look with a transparent top arriving at his navel, or extra low waist with a sweater of questionable shape.

When the opportunity arose, she tried the most chic outfits, mostly evening gowns, but the test is not always conclusive.
Witness the white tulle skirt, black silk camisole and salsa dancer sandals she wore to a premiere in 2005.

Jessica Alba: a style that says

After several years of stylistic infancy, she begins to find the style that fits him and was noticed by the fashion world.

Forgotten jeans on red carpet.
Jessica matures, and it shows in his looks.

To go to social gatherings, she opts for little black dresses, glamorous dresses or asymmetrical.

The fashion world opens her arms, and we start to see the front rows of fashion shows Fashion Week’s most prestigious.

Jessica Alba: it stands out as a model of style

A new career opens to her in 2012 when she created her company’s household products and green baby products: The Honest Company.
Always actress, businesswoman but she never fault when it comes to choosing her outfits, and all follies are possible.

Legend says that the reasons do not mix, no matter for Jessica Alba, expert in “mix and match”. She does not hesitate to wear a plaid shirt with a leopard print bag.

She always brings a little pop touch to his looks daring neon and metallic colors.
Their favorite colors on the red carpet? Yellow and silver.

Bold, she also knows how to create a casual-chic look perfect: a leather pencil skirt Kenzo it places a sweatshirt, and a necklace to give character to the whole.

In the life of every day, to get to the office or to go shopping with her daughters, they features worthy looks from Sex & The City.

Growing up, Jessica Alba began a perfect stylistic evolution, by sobering while keeping the originality that characterizes it. We say congratulations!