You remember that night when you were late to dinner and wanted MUST wear your blue collar, and then you spent the next 35 minutes sitting on your couch to unravel the famous blue collar a pair of earrings earrings and a bracelet. Never again! Follow our DIY to learn to do a pretty box in minutes, stay organized and on time from your dinners.

The bosses boxes pdf download here
A cutter4 sheets A3 Canson 200g / m2
An extra strong glue tube
Bomb glue
A beautiful ribbon

Print the boss boxes on A3 sheets.
Bombez your Canson paper and paste over your 4 sheets A3 just the printer outputs.

Cut the round of four bosses.

Always with your cutter, then mark “gently” the edges where you will bend the boss.

Depending on your ribbon, make a slit in the middle of the lid of the box, and tie it inside.

Stick with extra-strong glue the tabs together.