Cristina Cordula, the queen of shopping offers us a capsule collection Tati for Christmas. The objects are in his image, chic, glamorous and obviously magnifaïques. On this occasion, it us it gives us all her secrets to successful Christmas table.

One thing is certain, for Cristina Cordula, Christmas is a wonderful celebration is chic, we meet with the family, and just for that, you have to be on his 31. Everything must be elegant and glamor: from the table, through fir and guests. For table decor, she advises us to choose a beautiful linen tablecloth, pretty towels, “But above all, no paper towels darling! “. She recommends we add flowers, sprinkle a little bunches table, and especially to work with lots of light candles to be placed on the table and around the house to create a bright countryside atmosphere. Cristina likes the decor, it also much china. She confesses: “The decoration, tableware j’adooore it all !!! I China, I go to the flea market, I look for items, table service, I am a true passionate tableware! ”

Also seen in his collection for Tati (which must await its release in stores November 25, 2015), for which she developed a collection of black or white plates with gold edging, like champagne flutes also enhanced with a touch of gold. It is far from traditional codes of Christmas red and green, the little elves fir trees and Santa Claus. Here the style is black, white and gold with a touch of red for color. For the decoration of the Christmas tree, there are balls with codes borrowed from the world of fashion: black or red, they are embellished with studs and gold chains. Listed furniture, red chairs, black or leopard prints cotoient a simple and chic stool. Another stroke of heart: the collection of jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links or earrings. Biensur, All this at very low prices!

In summary, Glam Christmas should be, and even more: Golden Glam, elegant chic glamor and sexy !! So, have you understood my dear ???