A 4-year-old Bella and Chloe are already stars. These little twins have nearly 20,000 followers on the social network Instagram and their reputation is just beginning. Even Kim Kardashian told them they were adorable, which is a little viral impact of these two mini-fashionistas.

.. They are the daughters of a former reporter and producer of American television, Lucy Abir.

Their “success” date of one of their birthdays … On the invitation of the feast their mother had decided to dress the way “Breakfast at Tiffanys'”. During the photo shoot, done on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, many people stopped to take pictures. The idea of ​​an Instagram account named “The Royal Twins” came from there.

Their disguise Chanel bag for Halloween was broadcast by many personalities of fashion. What type in the eye of Karl Lagerfeld. One, Chloe, is fan of colors and eccentric clothes and the other, Bella, like neutral tones and classic outfits. No doubt these two have a future in the fabulous world of fashion …