From left to right, ring and metal ring, Gucci. Sterling silver and onyx, Thomas Sabo. Double ring “picture” plated silver, sold with a white pencil, Delphine Charlotte Parmentier,. Silver Ring, Thomas Sabo. Antique silver ring, Gucci. Metal ring plunged silver and leather, Uno 50. Metal ring, Uno 50. Ring “dead head,” Marc Deloche. Metal ring and Swarovski, Gucci. Bronze ring, Annelise Michelson. Blouse Chiffon, Gucci. Jeans,

1 From Cro-Magnon to Henri IV
Including through the pharaohs, men have always worn jewelry. Shell necklaces, bone ornaments during Prehistory. Clasps decorated with stone, brooches do you want here in the Middle Ages. When the Renaissance, men wear earrings, rings and necklaces.

2 Symbol
The jewel in men is not an accessory. Symbol of power, wealth, or religious group as the episcopal rings worn by bishops, it is also “a sign of belonging to a group,” according to Delphine Lesbros, art historian and Jewellery and doctoral student at the EHESS (School of Advanced Social Science Studies). During the Revolution, it displays his political ideas by wearing rings with lilies. Some Companions of the Tour de France wear the “joint”, a gold buckle ear as farriers who wear rings with horseshoe.

3 A margin

If alliances, signet and religious medals remain, from the nineteenth century, the masculine jewelry will gradually be abandoned to become a marginal attribute. As bikers coarse bagouzes “skull” or rappers and cluster bling necklaces.

4 Comeback

“For ten years, we see a return of the men jewel” says Richard Martin, artistic director of the international trade fair of jewelry, Bijorhca Paris. Number of brands have released the male jewel of the rut. Whether in the luxury Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier or Van Dinh or creators as Ursul, The Gram, or Miansai Marc Deloche offering male or mixed models.

5 The Market

“It is still niche but with increasing demand,” says Alexis Thery of Ursul brand. At Marc Deloche, men represent 15% of the share of sales. If they use less jewelry than women, “young active, urban and fashion-conscious” dare now to overcome their age-old watch.

6 Set

Bracelets, rings and few channels, are prized. “In the panoply of man a little more chic, there are also cufflinks and tie clips,” said Richard Martin.

7 Sobriety

Level materials, the leather, silver and steel that hold a candle. In shades of black, brown, anthracite gray. Some dark stones such as onyx, but above all, no gloss. No frills simplicity and elegance