Recently, in a room on the ground floor of the Town Hall of Pontacq, held a fashion brand Elora show, ready-to-wear direct selling mode. Elora is a fashion which wants stylish but wearable, trendy, but original. The brand has built its reputation by using beautiful materials. It is expanding, especially on the North American continent. By inventing the concept of fashion in home sales in France, Elora initiated a real movement in the world of direct selling mode. With its numerous fashion consultants throughout France, Elora has diversified and renew itself to become now inevitable and remain the benchmark.

At Pontacq, this event has received the support of the Bijoustyle shop, located in Soumoulou, that of Margaux André beautician who, with the participation of students of the school of esthetics of Bizanos, a makeup models. The beautician has created his divine autoentreprise Beauty and moves around Pontacq. Also participated in this fashion show photographer Hélène Duhieu and volunteers mannequins. This parade, followed by an admiring public, took place in two stages with music: in the first part, the audience could applaud the models wearing clothes and jewelery and, in the second part, women’s clothing. The organizers thanked the local businesses for their participation and assistance.