Italy has played an important part in the ‘Lord of the Rings’. A sensational discovery, in fact, revealed that the city of Minas Tirith, often referred to in the last volume of the trilogy by British writer Tolkien, it is heavily inspired by Ravenna.

E ‘was found, in fact, a map of the’ Middle-earth ‘, the place where you play all the events of the three books, in which there are records of Tolkien indicating the approach to the city of Emilia Romagna: in particular would Minas Tirith fortified the kingdom by the men of Gondor to resemble Ravenna.Il document was discovered in a copy of the trilogy of the ‘Lord of the Rings,’ which was the renowned artist Pauline Baynes, who in 1970 was commissioned by the house publishing ‘Allen & Unwin’ to draw what his imagination could be the ‘Middle-earth’.

Of course, the woman asked for help from the author of Tolkien’s books, which gave her a paper, or a map made of many records which show the combination of Minas Tirith with Ravenna.La city becomes the focus of the struggle for the conquest of the ‘Middle-earth’ in the third volume of the trilogy takes place here, in fact the battle of ‘the Pelennor Fields’. Perhaps one of the most spectacular moments of the book signed by the English writer. Despite the very long story, are pages that hold exciting nailed the reader to the book until the battle does not end with the victory of the men.

The walls of Minas Tirith are a bulwark carefully described by Tolkien, who loved the details, so much so that one of the landmarks of the map of ‘Middle Earth’ found, you can recognize the similarities even for Jerusalem, Belgrade and the island of Cyprus.

Now view the sensational discovery, is a question about the movie based on the trilogy. The Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson will shoot another film and ‘change’ the location of the battle for the ‘Middle-earth’, moving from New Zealand to Ravenna?