Registering a patent does not always mean then produce an object, even if it is the first step, and this also applies to Apple. Apple has officially filed a patent for a ring and smart, to keep out possible competitors, has inserted in the description of the ‘product’ many functions – from the possible voice commands to the touch features up to interaction with the other devices of the ‘apple’ .

After smartwatch, then, it comes another wearable ring precisely, who will join the shoes, glasses, shirts and even pants hi-tech. The launch of these products, in fact, has more impressed experts and consumers. Want costs often prohibitive for budgets of most people want for the futility of the same products.

With smartphones and apps that we ‘turn’ over really it seems superfluous to have other devices available with the same functionality but the laws of the market dictate the research at any cost, the perpetually barriers, reaching new horizons.

Among the functions of the ring to warn of the arrival of those messages and email, to coordinate, through the micro screen, the activities of other Apple device, manage the content of Apple TV (a remote control so). At the time, of course, all these are only allegations that run on the network, such as the name of the device dubbed iRing – name in possession of an Italian company that has already deposited the property. If anything were to go into production, we are sure, Apple will amaze its hardcore fans with amazing functions, real innovations that can change the lives of its owners. All that remains, then, to wait and, between now and its official launch, immerse yourself in the readings and in flights of fantasy that only the network is able to give.