Good Morning!
How you are going the week? Today we look at a favorite supplements Paula necklaces. True, she cares for detail in their outfits and prefers a successful combination full of them to focus too much attention on a single supplement.

She has her fetishes parts: the ‘P’ golden, their summer XXL favor him being so dark, its symbol of karma, infinite …
Here we go!

1. Eternity

Indeed we not talk about anything but the symbol of infinity, one of the most viewed in all kinds of accessories ‘it’ signs. Paula adds to this trend one ‘minimal’ in silver.

2. Karma ‘style’

As simple as a circle with two gold chains to extremes … To protect from harm or to decorate your neck with something simple at the same elegant.

3. Tribal

The African style is one of the most flattering in hot seasons. Paula combines this necklace with a dress the same reason.

4. Metal and jewel

In this case, the maxi necklace puts the icing on a basic styling in black and white colors. A smart to highlight ‘looks’ a little more basic resource.

5. pellets

Paula is not to wear long necklaces, but this exception could not hit anymore. A twist for a ‘casual look’ summer.

6. ‘P’ Paula

One of her favorite accessories. On other occasions we have seen with rings and bracelets with the name of their loved ones. She loves clothes and jewelry message.

7. The touch of metal

The contrasts are his, and give rise to the so personal style that Elle.es team and its followers worship.

8. More than ethnic

Although it adapts to different styles, there is almost always an ethnic touch of fringe or colors infuses most of their outfits.

9. Promises

A metal ball chain circle ‘mini’, the perfect accessory that decorates almost as a talisman.

10. Just Paula

Whenever it, its essence and personality. Paula is authentic in style and personality and therein lies the key to success.
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And you, what kind of necklace do you use most? Do you have any as a lucky charm? How do combináis?
See you next week!