It will be officially presented Thursday, October 29, with a showcase of the ARCI club Ohibò Via Benaco to Milan, the new disc of The Introvert A Spring (Roar Music / Commandery 33), leaving the next day in all digital stores.

Eleven songs of indie pop-rock produced by David “Divi” Autelitano, singer and bassist of Ministers, which tell a Milan away from the cliché of the city of fashion and finance: suburban stories, emotions that make their way through the asphalt , revolutions daily to be able to wake up with a smile.

“More than experimentation or innovation – says Nico Zagaria, singer and songwriter of the disk – in music, both from listeners both musicians, we always looked for songs. Those who come straight to the point and that remain at the heart” . Completing the band Mark Baptist (guitars), Futre (bass) and Elijah Rock (drums), friends united by the music but even before, from the habitat in which they grew up and were formed: the outskirts of Milan.


The Introvert born in the fog and distortion of the southern outskirts of Milan.

In 2013 he released the first album, I recorded at Noise Factory and produced by Alessio Camagni (Ministers, Niccolò Bossini, etc.). The album received positive reviews on the major national magazines and webzines (“What grade, boys” – Rockerilla, “Cloud route is really a great piece.” – Blow Up, “Among the many Italian groups that we heard in the last few months, L ‘ introverted are among those who do not have bored after just three songs. In fact […] – RockNow, etc).

The first single is America: the video clip, by Stefano Poletti and Luke Kudu ring, enters the rotation on the satellite channel Rock TV.

The second single is first actor: the video clip shot by Luca Kudu Ring and just comes out is “Video of the day” on the site of Rolling Stone Italy.

In September of 2013 the band was selected from MEI to participate in the finals of the competition for the new independent bands. Followed by several concerts in different locations in Italy.