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Giving an engagement ring is an ancient tradition. Between tradition and new trends is how to choose the rings that are trendy.

A tradition that spans centuries: that of giving an engagement ring to seal the love between two souls, dates back to Roman times. It is the second half of 1400, however, it becomes a tradition to give a diamond ring.

In this way, even the less traditionalist, find themselves having to choose the engagement ring. And if you can not buy a diamond, today there are many variations that allow anyone to keep faith in what for a woman is a ritual so obvious as it is surprising. To request a fairytale wedding engagement ring is a must!

Here then choose which rings for a memorable gift of love, which is trendy while respecting a tradition so dear to the fairer sex, and why not, taking into account different budgets

This jewel simple, but classy, ​​will win over a woman who likes to wear the ring during the day and evening is, and is suitable for smaller budgets. It is a ring with metal frame and rose gold plated, with a central and small chaton chaton on the stem. You can find it also in the versions silver rhodium and gold.

Price € 89


Silver ring with gold and diamond.

The jewel perfect for those who want the tradition of the diamond while not having a budget too high: a ring in Sterling silver 925, with a 3-carat diamond. Elegance and simplicity.

Price € 169


Solitary Minou.

A wonderful solo with structure in white gold or platinum with diamond raised to enhance the beauty of the stone. This embedding reminiscent ‘the crown of a queen. A classy ring with which it is impossible to fail.

Price € 1,630



The ring for excellence, which has a tradition of 100 years, but that is always current and trendy. Beautifully designed, with diamond by carat weight ranging from 0.25 to 2.5.

The price varies accordingly from € 1,950 to € 58,000.