Sea Givenchy is touched symbolically open the New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs with a parade dedicated to his collection fashion woman Spring Summer 2016 has closed.
As usual there was great anticipation for the show dell’istrionico designers, and not just for clothes. The interest was not certainly disillusioned and Marc Jacobs more than a parade called on his noble guests in an event not to be missed.

Some fashion but also much more. Framed by the presentation of the creations for summer 2016 was the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York. A cinema historical baroque style, with lots of gold candlesticks so to speak, in that mounted a catwalk in the aisles between the seats of the auditorium. Accompanying the orchestra parade, live music, then, it is confirmed to be one of the trends of the moment just think of Philipp Plein and Burberry.

And as in all events modani that respect, is not missed on this occasion the red carpet, on which they laid the models before entering the room.
The woman Spring Summer 2016 fashion collection by Marc Jacobs is a set, masterfully built, of all CIA that always pleases. There are references to Andy Warhol’s pop to vintage ’40s, the military style but also Maria Callas and an ironic homage to Chanel’s all presented in a technicolor palette.

Marc Jacobs confirms his concept of style that has to do with entertainment than with fashion per se.

And if the show should be, and more breaking, bold and striking, here to interpret his creations could not be any models. Personality first, and so on the catwalk salt the irrepressible Beth Ditto.
Beth Ditto is however not the only star enlisted by Marc Jacobs to present his collection fashion woman Spring Summer 2016 catwalk rose fact among others: Irina Shayk and Emily Ratajkowski, Adriana Lima, Beautiful Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls Karen Elson and so on.

Seated in the front row, or rather in the audience to watch the show weblog Marc Jacobs at the last New York Fashion Week, the likes of Kate Mara, Imogen Poots, Rachel Zoe, Dianna Agron, Winona Ryder and director Sofia testimonial Coppola, who were served popcorn and drink.