The most elegant women in history: the icons of timeless style


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Do you want to know the most elegant women in history? Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, we present all the icons of timeless style!

You know all the most elegant women in history? Some female characters represent the true icons of timeless style. They enchanted with their grace and beauty, or have imposed on the world scene thanks to the purposeful stance and resolute, even to revolutionize the canons valid until then, in fields such as fashion. Let’s see what are the most elegant women in history.

When one thinks of the style icons, the thoughts fly immediately to some famous people, fashion for women celebrated even now as the ideals of feminine beauty and class. We can only go by Gabrielle Chanel, known as Coco, the designer of the irreverent ‘900 that introduced the first clothes for working women and independent. She go the credit for having invented female trousers and tweed suit. The sheath dress, this one of his creations, is inextricably linked to another timeless style icon Audrey Hepburn. How can we forget in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? We remember all wrapped in her little black dress with pearl necklace around his neck.
He was also extremely elegant Grace Kelly, actress and wife of Rainier of Monaco, indelible in the memory, wrapped in her beautiful wedding dress in lace. She is inspired by the Kelly Bag by Hermès, the most beautiful it bag of the house. Designed initially as a saddlebag for hunting, it was revised and reduced in size, turning into an elegant model walking until the new princess is not used to disguise the pregnancy. Since then, he took the name of the actress.

Muse of Gucci, however, was Jackeline Kennedy, widow of President John F. Kennedy, which is dedicated to the Jackie O, the famous bag among the models must-have brand.
Taking a step back into the past, we find lots of icons of style and elegance. One of them is Diane de Poitiers, who lived in the sixteenth century, Countess of Saint-Vallier and Duchess of Valentinois, mistress of Henry II of France. According to legend, on his breast, he considered the most beautiful of the time, has been shaped glass of champagne. Jeanne Antoinette de Pompadour, however, would be the first to wear the ancestors of heels. Beautiful and passionate about fashion, even then Empress Elizabeth of Austria Sissi loved to wear clothes designed the tailor Worth, which elaborated embroideries always new to adorn his fashion clothes.

If you want to know all the most elegant women in history, do not miss our photo gallery! Which you prefer?

20 Italian actresses for 20 styles



Isabella Ragonese, Ambra Angiolini, Vittoria Puccini, Alba Rohrwacher … their thirties on the red carpet they look different and very personal: romantic or sexy, male or female, rock or vintage

Hollywood stars on the red carpet feature always dream dresses, princely. The French are known for their sophisticated allure and never ostentatious. And the Italian actresses? What links on diversity. On the red carpet and on official occasions opt for a variety of looks and customization.

We observed the style of 20 actresses of our house, under 40: for each a specific mood that involves not only the clothes but also accessories, jewelry, make-up and hairstyles.

1 Isabella Ragonese: classic with a twist

Never dares to look too bold, but always manages to put personal touches and contemporary. Film Festival of Rome for the photocall wearing a suit male sweetened shirt with tulle ruffles. For redcarpet long dress, but no effect princess: dry on the sides and without the train. A move to put the colored printing star and heel moved from the fringes.

2 Valentina Cervi: minimal
The actress always points on a no-frills style, by linear cuts and neutral shades. Alternating male and female. The make-up meets the same mood: natural hair, make-up water and soap, with only one detail to illuminate the face: the red lipstick. Few and calibrated jewels embellish the look.

3 Alba Rohrwacher: mini-dress
Always on top of the charts of style, it is the most popular Italian actress from the world of fashion, including designers. His style mixes contemporary lines, vintage details, touches rock. She often wears mini dresses with accessories gritty.

4 Nicoletta Romanoff: floral
His style is always cheerful, often chooses the floral prints, the mood is very natural (including make-up and hair), nothing looks overly built. He does not like choices too sensual or rock.

5 Jasmine Trinca: Vintage
Sophisticated, chooses clothes sought, always with a vintage. So look in his mixes: lace, prints Years 60 and 70, pull retro. Among its designer Miuccia Prada’s heart.

6 Cristiana Capotondi: Romantic
It is one of the few actresses Italian taste with a precise and consistent. Always elegant and flawless on the red carpet in all the official releases, he loves the romantic style, soft without excesses. His looks are always embellished with small diamonds and sophisticated details: diamond jewelry, the crown princess, sequins tone on tone with the dress.

7 Matilde Gioli: female
Launched by the movie “The Human Capital” (2014) by Paolo Virzì, often compared to Angelina Jolie, the American actress retains femininity and sensuality.

8 Miram Leone: couture
Former Miss Italy in 2008, today is an actress and TV presenter. He loves the refined style, full of details and never too minimal. It is always attentive to the latest trends from the catwalk.

9 Ambrosia: male soft
He can be dosed perfectly calibrated with its masculine look feminine details. So the shirt is softened with the pocket embroidered with a full skirt.

10 Vittoria Puccini: boho-chic
Mixes in its look and style elements of the bohemian hippy. Recurring elements in his choices: long dresses, soft textures and textured fabrics. Among its designers in the heart, Valentine.

11 Giulia Michelini: rock
Never gives up on a ‘tough, made of short skirts, men’s suits and leather garments. It not by chance has been spotted in the front row at fashion show spring-summer 2016 fashion house Trussardi.

12 Valeria Solarino: total black
It can go from a romantic look to one rock, from male to female, but the constant of his style remains the color black, strictly from head to toe. The effect is always a bit ‘dark lady.

13 Nicole Grimaudo: Casual
Prefer pants to skirts and also for formal occasions opt for a style “relaxed”. The feminine detail that is never lacking are the stiletto heels.

14 Carolina Crescentini: ladylike
He loves the look feminine, which highlight the silhouette. Its leaders must haves are: Pencil and stretch the knee and black pumps.

15 Valentina Lodovini: Ancient Rome
Her clothes often remind the Roman togas: soft, wrapped around the body and shoulder. Certainly on the red carpet actress she prefers not dare look too contemporary with bright colors and prefers dark colors.

16 Myriam Catania: sexy
Never gives up on display all his femininity with sensual necklines and slits. The high heels and black colors increase the charge sexy.

17 Alessandra Mastronardi: frou frou
Always ultra-feminine details like long skirts, floral prints, ruffles and pearl necklace. Style doll seems not displease her.

18 Violante Placido: diva of the past
Her looks have the same allure as those of the stars of the past. On the red carpet he chooses bustier dresses to Marilyn Monroe, the photocall skirts and blouses 50s retro.

19 Micaela Ramazzotti: easy chic
Always opt for a style that could be called simple but feminine hats loose or collected / disheveled, soft dresses that alternate prints and solid colors. He does not like the lines and minimalist look too manufactured.

20 Chiatti: girl Piper
It seems to have a certain fondness for the style Years 60. The ingredients of her look are: mini mini dresses, high heels and bright inserts (preferably with platform).

Jewelry Fall / Winter 2015-2016: trends to be always on top



Among the new jewelry made for fall / winter 2015-2016, there are many proposals to follow new trends and be always on top. What are the fashion trends of the moment? Shine, to be noticed and play with colors: in this way we can briefly summarize what we have seen during the latest fashion shows, during which we discovered the jewelry more cool not to be missed. Among the must-have of the moment there are certainly big necklaces, bracelets impressive, and, surprisingly, we also witness the return of one of the most retro accessories of all time: the pin.

For decades, there happen to review the prongs, not least as in the 70s and 80s, used to make more valuable the classic jackets and female. Now the pins are back in fashion but do not talk about those with their own initial, but of far more sophisticated creations, like the pin of Marni, to slip on coats and vests, or accessory metal and feathers colored Fendi, from place also on sweaters and shirts.
Speaking of color, know that among the current fashion jewelry stand out from those characterized by stones bright colors and unexpected, that you can mix as you wish, the important fact is to stand out. Among the most creative are the signature line Eshvi, who created the bijoux ethnic flavor, but also creations of Dsquared2, who made use of large windows to give light to his wrist cuff.
The fringes are among the stars of the fashion trends for autumn / winter 2015-2016 not only on clothing but also on jewelry. It is no coincidence that many fashion houses have proposed in their collections of creations adorned with long necklaces pendants, which create a delightful movement. Among the jewels are the most beautiful necklaces Balmain, with long strands of golden metal decorate the tops to the navel, bracelets Chloe and Nina Ricci, embellished with gold waterfalls that cover the hands, but also earrings Oscar de la Renta, the ethnic touch sought.

Very beautiful also Earcuff of Orelia, characterized by the same game, and those of the Marquise, absolutely impressive, but declined in red and black.
This season also return maxi jewelry, especially necklaces oversized, perfect to embellish the look more basic. Delicious proposals of Hermes, with satin ribbons and geometric design, Lanvin, with a number of tassels and dark stones, but also those of Valentino, with Latin inscriptions, and Roberto Cavalli, who proposes collier baroque and open, ending with large buds dark.
In our gallery you can see all the jewelry fashion autumn / winter 2015-2016: discover with us the latest trends and let yourself be captivated by the must-have of the moment.

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Emilia Clarke is the new face of Dior Joaillerie


Dior Joaillerie chose British actress Emilia Clarke as a testimonial of the new advertising campaign dedicated to the collection Rose des Vents

Emilia Clark is the new face of the advertising campaign dedicated to the collection Rose des Vents Dior Joaillerie.

Image: pearl necklace online

The photographs signed by the master photographer Patrick Demarchelier, portray the young British actress wearing precious necklaces of different lengths in yellow gold and rose gold, studded with pink opals and mother of pearl.

Besides being involved in the sixth season of the TV series American Iron Throne – for which he received two Emmy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress, Emilia next June will be on the big screen with the Warner Bros. entitled Me Before You .

Fashion Necklaces autumn winter 2015/2016: the trend models



For fall-winter 2015/2016 necklaces more trendy to wear to complete the look, have a specific style. If you like the models that hold the neck, Marc Jacobs proposes real rigid rings mostly dark. If the model series that is right for you is of average length, Luis Vuitton has presented a black rope with a large central pendant from the colored stones that recalled the nuances of the dress. Note the black rope combined black dress.

FASHION NECKLACE – Anna Sui, to the delight of lovers of long necklaces, proposed models of ethnic to carry accumulation with lengths degrading, or models with a large central pendant, always ethnic. Looking at the fashion shows for the cold season, strong trends are those of large colored stones, large pendants, models with the addition of ribbons and metal chains intertwined. In the picture, a model of Just Cavalli.

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Pornocracy court and grotesque tale of the century


Anatomy of Hell: this is the term that, in a statistical lexical combinations such as those now in fashion, we would find more exclusively associated with the name of Liutprand of Cremona, Latin historian of the tenth century, which came out in recent months the complete works with translation Comment and French by François Bougard (Liudprand de Crémone, Oeuvres, CNRS Editions, pp. 650, € 69.00) and the Antapodosis, chronicle in prose with poetic interludes on Europe between the end of the ninth and mid-tenth century, brilliantly edited by Paul Church for the series’ writers Greek and Latin “Foundation Valla (Mondadori, pp. 568, € 30.00).

Photos : Fashion NeckLaces

Pornocracy means’ government of prostitutes “and alludes to the enormous influence that women fickle heart but would have had clear ambitions of dukes, kings and popes of the tenth century as the Roman Marozia, mistress of Pope Sergius III, instigator of the murder John X (lover in turn the mother Theodora, who was also “a shameless whore”) and mother of his successor John XI, finally suspected concubine of Leo VI. Or Ermengarde of Ivrea, the “reason of the power of which was (…) who entertained carnal intercourse with everybody.” Or Willa (here translated “Guilla” to avoid barbarism), wife of Higgs Tuscany, in the episode ‘most famous work, the most famous – writes Church – because basely pornographic “hiding in his genital cavity of a belt ‘jeweled gold to save her from the looting of King Hugh (of Provence, then in Italy from 926), but is stripped and ransacked until the tick of a purple wire not exposed to the unveiling of subterfuge and a series of jokes on new type of obstetrics by the servo-detective, then punished with a beating.

Liutprando remains at this stage a moral attitude of reserve, wondering if it was the most criticized the woman or the servant who does not show respect for his body and that while all look away out of shame, does not hesitate to investigate it directo obtutu, at a glance direct almost obscene the searches that followed. In fact, the episode, beyond the prudery, has a central role in the understanding of these pyrotechnic six books, written to “repay” Berengar and Willa second (daughter of the unfortunate above) for the wrongs inflicted on Liutprando, her ex Ambassador, but that the misdeeds of Berenger not speak except to briefly mention. The centrality of the scene of Willa is primarily in the type of sexual content that is emerging as recurring feature of the tales of Liutprando: when should explain why the blind live longer resorts to Ovid’s fable of Jupiter and Juno disputing whether the man or woman to enjoy more; when Tybalt Spoleto defeated the Greeks makes them castrate all, except one whose wife is to beg him to gouge out the eyes but also to spare the testicles, to avoid losing “the refreshment of his body and the hope of future offspring,” arousing with laughter and goodwill of Tybalt. Above all, what can be considered the true conclusion of the work, which is the end of Book V (the sixth is a later addition, even if true), tells another company inexhaustible Willa, who cheats on her husband with Berenger a chaplain, tutor of the two daughters. The affair is discovered because dell’abbaiare two dogs, but the Marquise prevents the investigation accusing the cleric to attend his serves. As punishment, the priest is neutered, but according to the executors of the punishment, “the lady was good to love a well, seen carrying weapons of Priapus.”

According to Paul Church the story, which uses references from Terence and Juvenal, would represent “a spectacular conclusion”, a sign of the intention to close with a precise fact emblematic. The belt Willa would therefore, in terms of choice issue, the culmination of what Gustavo Vinay – to date (with Auerbach) the interpreter sharper than this writer – in 1979 called “priapism” Liutprando, “in unstable orchitico balance “between pathos and rice impatient of obscenity.
But the episode of the belt is also emblematic of the widespread grotesque register, which does not avoid direct descriptions of delicate and very private matter, but transforms it into sketch comedy from ancient, using classical fragments reassembled into a dough that’s sarcastic tone and makes a fun ‘triumphant weapon in the service of what was called the “experimentation” of Latin Ottonian, conspicuous in multilingualism greek-Latin Liutprando certificate but with different techniques in many authors of this century “iron.”
Pornocracy and sexual obsession are dell’Antapodosis a stage of female characters who pose a more serious problem of interpretation. Some, like Levine, this scurrilous wanted to suggest a reading bachtininana where rice and generally obscene expression and servile detectors are from low viewpoint routinely censored.

Some, like Christina Rocca, has given a political reading seeing in women and in men as effeminate Liutprando despises the polarization of the negative to the point that the political neo-imperial, led by Otto I of Saxony in whose service Liutprando spends the latter part of life, is opposed to chaos late Carolingian characterized by instability and anarchy in the management of female power. Others, like Paul Church, spilling the topic emphasizing instead Liutprando the woman, although casual, is always clever and intelligent, “a notch higher up her male partner”, able to dominate the males with which we measure. And in this model terenziano it intervenes to filter the inherent misogyny of the author: it is certain that Liutprando deformed female characters that other contemporary sources show attitudes far more chaste.

The Middle Ages Liutprando is the Middle Ages who likes to imagine who does not know the immense variety of this era: despicable misogynist, feudal, ruthless, vulgar, familist, inconclusive, without being a Christian clergyman. But the way is not clear if this is serious or ironic, conviction or opportunism, aggressiveness performed or controlled, misogyny on principle or out of fear. Liutprando, as recalled in the Arnaldi masterful biographical introduction, it is a deacon when he writes the Antapodosis and bishop (appointed by the political power, as was the custom at the time) when he wrote his other works: the phantasmagorical account of the embassy at the court of Byzantium ( the Legatio), a eulogy and sermon imperial newly discovered, all translated and richly annotated in the French edition. But rarely the Christian God, which remains mainly an instance of expression, becomes the star of his theater. Indeed, the monks are nominated only once as people lost behind contemplations abstruse, so that when the Byzantine emperor Roman Lecapeno is forced into exile in a monastery who feel isolated in an incomprehensible.

The history of Liutprando is senseless agitation of famous men and mediocre, is – writes Vinay – ‘proclivities to the difference, the extravagant, the bully, “is journalistic and indiscreet – says Auerbach – second trend already rooted in the late imperial Roman historiography, not more interested in reconstructing the causal connections of events but fascinated by gossip, from anecdote itchy and secret court. For this, as Suetonius and his followers, but with more breadth geopolitical Liutprando is incapable of building a novel because it prevents the identification of the player with a character in the cold cynicism that reigns supreme over human affairs. Eros and heros are Liutprando keys novelistic, and his genius is nell’esserne puppeteer aware because the mind engaged in intellectual paths, as he writes in the prologue, “is refreshed with beneficial rice or comedies with pleasant stories of warriors.”

Sovereign ludus, Liutprando expresses his restlessness even in this language, full of words, sentences and little speeches in greek which represented the cross (and delight) of philologists, on opposite sides that have played this greek culture now as now written as oral surface, as a structural element or paint false, with the result that, to follow the oldest manuscript and partly autograph, in the original printed inserts Greeks are left in ungrammatical forms and inconsistent, which does not help the task of editors and readers, more difficult in this and in other volumes of Valla.

The reflections of the positions philological become an intriguing puzzle for translators and translatologists: Bougard admits in the text of the author glosses Latin explaining inserts Greek and translating reports before the greek then the French translation of the gloss Latin Church does not accept in ‘original glosses Latin, deeming them not intended for text, and in the Italian translation before playing the greek then adds its Italian translation. This lively but tiring mix bilingual, opening gashes on the otherwise nebulous story of the relationship between the Western world and the Byzantine world, is dedicated, in the prologue, the bishop Recemondo of Elvira (Granada then), which for its part was the Christian minority in a space dominated by the Islamic caliphate of Spain. Even today it is not clear why Recemondo had asked Liutprando met allla Ottonian court, comporgli of this web of military adventures and sexual, this report – with poetic interludes and dialogues theater – a world where the political balance and where women were and reconnect and men servants and warriors stirred sprawled looking useless and short of an impossible stability.


Many couples wish to customize their wedding rings with the date of their marriage, a symbol, a quote or even a poem. So many possibilities to register the symbol of your union. Here are ten ideas phrases to be engraved on your rings.
Your wedding ring is the symbol of your union. Why not engrave the date you met, your first kiss or simply that of your marriage or marriage proposal?
Register Make a few words that represent your love. Simple words and full of meaning such as: “My love, my life, my friend (s)”, “With you forever” or “Today, tomorrow and forever.”

Whatever your beliefs, do burn some religious words to your heart. “God bless this union” or “What God has joined together, let man not separate” are just examples … to you to find the right words.
German, English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese … Whatever your origins, do burn a message into your native language or a language that is of importance for your couple.
Lovers of classical languages ​​may like to burn their marriage alliance with some Latin words: “Amor Vincit Omnia” (Love conquers all), “Totus Tuus” (All of you), “Ubi you (Name) Ibi Ego (Name) “(Where you will, I will) …
Songs about love, there is not thousands. You choose the few words that you want to register your marriage alliances: “All I want is you”, “Always in My Mind,” “Love to tear”, “I’ll give you the pearls of rain “.
Are there more romantic than a few words from a poem by Alfred de Musset: “Let us go, in a kiss, to an unknown world” or Albert Camus: “I know of only one duty, and it is that of love. ”
Although marriage is a serious thing, nothing prevents to add a touch of humor with some light in your wedding rings engraved words: “Already taken (e)”, “You’re stuck (e) with me now! ” .
Engrave your wedding rings on a text that starts and ends on one of the second cutting a citation in two. Thus, the few words make sense only when the two rings together.
If words fail you, think to register a symbol on your two precious: a heart, infinity (or double infinity), peace or a custom symbol you have drawn. You can also engrave footprints of your respective fingers inside and / or outside of the wedding ring.

Handbags: 40 new We Crave

Because we love the collectibles, find all models of the moment shopper without moderation! Our selection tends to € 17.

Yet another maxi tote bag or purse for this winter, you feel like? Because yes, you have dozens at home but nothing gives greater pleasure than to adopt a new kid, is not it? If you had this nice navy blue bag that you do not spend more than you, you have said in his bucket color version? And what about the new colors of the season such as burgundy and his cousin marsala or other grazing of the moment passed?

It is believed the be all, but between the handbags and us is a never ending story …

While it is sometimes difficult to capture a trend in ready-to-wear, nothing more evident in small touches with accessories and there, handbags become our allies! The leopard example; plus dress shoes and heavy coats, he captured many of this season it bags to mix with the more classic outfit it for full effect. Ditto for flashy colors: monochrome yellow, green or bicolor or tricolor versions Patchwork: go for it, nothing like to raise a look in a jiffy.

And besides this fall, originality and imagination, we say big yes: you can quite afford a lovely bag of cat head or chopping with small nails style, folk or rock fringes according to envy, or a knit pattern … It is even totally recommended!

Side forms, bucket bags and purse were particularly dimension: navy, black, camel remain indispensable that you will not regret to have in your wardrobe, but also consider any graphical model that combines chic modernity.
Small bags also multiply and decline at infinity: versions crocodile, python, ostrich, chain with handle or carry bag so they remain as practical classes to follow you to the end of the night.

And if you’re more of throughout your home-away in your bag, with the pacifier and baby blanket, cap on maxis bag to accompany you everywhere from the office to all your many and varied trips.

Each woman bag: you find yours in our selection of handbags trend for all styles and budgets!

Shoes, bags & co: pro tips for storing accessories


Your wardrobe is overflowing? That which never yielded to a compulsive shopping cracking raises his hand! But now we will have to organize everything … To combine business with pleasure, Pinterest inspires us again with his wealth of ideas and Special tricks storage of accessories!

And this is not Marie Kondo, leader of the organi-zen trend that will contradict us.

The trouble with being a serial shopper not repented (it is a bit our fault, we will not throw you the stone) is that accumulates in less time than it takes to unsheathe his CB, and soon our dressing implodes.

Clothes wisely folded or placed on hangers in the closet, it still happens just about manage. But the accessories, it is another matter …
Your shoes are aligned in single wire to the wall? You no longer use your necklaces, all tangled and thrown in a drawer? Your doorknob threat to yield under the weight of all your handbags? You cram your scarves on a chair? Your hats are crushed at the bottom of a closet?

Friends fashionistas organizational wrong, this is for you!
Pinterest is full of storage-related inspiration, and writing it has selected the Top “special accessories” ideas. Between DIY, tricks and common sense, everything you need for a convenient and clean dressing. And if in addition it is beautiful … The fashion accessory, new decorative object?

Roll up your sleeves, you dream wardrobe!

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The ciotadens talents to expose Made in France Fair Jewelry



Krystel Chambon, former product manager at Cacharel created Downwind, its brand Tote boat in 2006. A year later, she opened her first boutique on the island of Embiez, Bendor then. Quickly, she met other creative fashion, accessories and decoration and she imagined “The South talents”, a company that brings together 20 creative and today she is the founder and head of development.

“To be part of the South Talents explains Krystel Chambon, we must manufacture its products in France, to be registered with the chamber of trade and want to develop a true brand.” So, join the creative skills and have available to them a corner to sell their brand in South Talents shops. The products have a strong identity and sales areas are places of pleasant exchanges and stage designs where customers can share ideas, order of “the measure” … and live a great shopping experience.

“We also propose to the creators of coaching adds Krystel Chambon. Recently we worked for six months with Anne-Gaëlle Molac to teach him to build his collection of children’s clothing Awa + Koala.” Today, the company is expanding. After Marseille Street Fashion, La Ciotat Place Sadi Carnot, Bendor and Embiez, Sanary shop will open on 17 November. A new workshop will be installed soon in the heart of Aubagne, there will be a large area where Krystel Chambon will manufacture its famous boat canvas bags and where the creator of the brand “The hidden beauty of things” dishing its latest cheap jewelry creations imagined from chip elements. Guests will also find collections shifted the seasons, prototypes, one-shot … And in September 2016, South Talents inaugurate a brand new space-Store in Toulon in the street of the art and fashion…

Photos : Fashion Jewerly Online

“A priority, the products made in France!”

But this week, the Caccarellijewels jewelry, ready-to-wear Blue bindweed or Lilly Fox, Olive Archer accessories, bags Leeward … Seven South Talents brands that already offer a very successful line and are able to meet production requirements, are in Paris at the Porte de Versailles every weekend to participate in the 4th edition of MIF, now unavoidable fair for products Made in France.

“We are part of the fledgling federation Made in France created last August, said the official, and the show will be a great opportunity to meet with consumers, share issues with other companies, imagine networks, new points sales and open up to Lyon, Paris and why not export! ”

Making Made in France is a most compelling for foreign customers but like the Bio or manufacturing from recycled products, it becomes French for a guarantee of quality and a commitment to support the national economy. “Our brands are now able to create two collections a year, adds Krystel Chambon, it’s time to invest, to organize ourselves and move on to the next level …” A dynamic that makes fun!